Bespoke, hand crafted wooden furniture | Waywood
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Waywood combines the varied skills of three furniture makers, with backgrounds and influences as diverse as fine art, cabinetmaking, boat building and CAD/CAM manufacturing.

We often approach problem solving from completely different directions. Our collaborative design process and approach to problem solving allow a wealth of options for design and making solutions.

Equally, the role of designer might be given to the person who is best suited to the client's brief, but the resources available to us from our varied backgrounds allow a huge diversity of influences and experience.


One of the original founding partners of Waywood, Barney's vision has led our development into the area of CAD and CNC machining. He was voted Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen in 2006, and lectures on the unusual combination of CNC technology and highly skilled hand craft in our work.

I love the warmth and friendliness of wood and its connection to the living world. I am obsessive about doing things really well. The enjoyment for me is always trying to produce something that is different and better than what has gone before.


After completing an apprenticeship, followed by studying fine furniture making and design at Buckinghamshire College, Clive joined Waywood in 1990. He is now our senior designer and craftsman, overseeing all elements of the furniture we make, and taking major responsibility for client and furniture project management.

I love the whole creative process that starts from the initial meeting with the client and the first ideas, right through to delivering the finished piece. Wood is a varied ever-changing material that consistently offers new challenges.


After a degree in Fine Art, Simon wanted to make beautiful objects that had more 'physical purpose'. Having completed his City and Guilds training he went on to work with the internationally renowned designer-maker, David Savage, before joining Waywood in 2004. Having since trained for a number of years in CAD he now manages CAD and CNC projects as well as designing and making furniture.

I want to make beautiful, physical objects. As a craftsman I feel like I have a relationship with my material as I work with it, that informs the process. I love the contrast and relationship between technology and traditional craft, it's a bit like applying engineering techniques to an organic and sculptural material.


After completing a degree in Furniture Design and Craft at Rycotewood Furniture College Jered worked as a technician at the university, and for a local workshop making bespoke furniture, before joining Waywood in 2012.

I love having a career where I can express myself. Wood is an interesting material which is organic, tactile and living.