12th July 2011

Macro feature documented here: Monkey Wiki Macros

8th October 2008

Running battles with spammers continue! Now I have added a few more layers of defence and seem to have blocked all automated spam. Of course hand-spamming is harder to cure. Work progresses on v 1.06 with which I will release the anti-spam module, but don't expect many other big changes: Monkey Wiki works well, and I always wanted it to remain small and simple.

12th June 2007

Linksleeve [1] seems to be working wonders and has blocked all spamming attempts since 12 May. (I have also got a few DNS blacklists working to weed out open proxies, but no doubt Linksleeve would have blocked these attempts anyway - the DNSBL tests operate first, thus stealing Linksleeve's thunder). See Blocked Spam.

12th May 2007

An updated anti-spam module is attempting to protect this site, and a log of blocked spam is being automatically kept on the Blocked Spam page. All I have to do is wait for some spammers to put it to the test! Where are the spammers when you actually want them?!

10th May 2007

I have put in place spam protection using Linksleeve [2], but seem to be having a little bit of trouble getting some pages to save (the Sand Box is severely truncated as a result). Still, I will keep investigating, and at least I was able to make this edit!

13th November 2006

Akismet seems to be behaving rather strictly, and now I can't get anything to save at all! I have therefore disabled it for now, and will investigate. It may be that Linksleeve [3] would be worth trying instead.

7th November 2006

This wiki is now running with 2 layers of spam protection, which if successful will be released as a module.

The protection is comprised of the following:

  1. Looking up the IP address of anyone trying to edit, delete or rename and page, on selected blacklists (especially for open HTTP proxies)
  2. I am also trying Akismet [4] with the Voidspace Python Module [5].

Unfortunately the Akismet test in particular slows down the process of saving an edit quite a bit, which is something I will keep an eye on. Also it is possible you may be prevented from saving a legitimate edit. If so, please feel free to contact me: bds@waywood.co.uk.

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