Welcome to MonkeyWiki

Monkey Wiki is a Wiki Engine written in Python [1] by Barnaby Scott. If you don't know what Wiki Engine means, or want to know more about the wiki concept, why not visit the Original Wiki:[2].

If you read about wiki engines there, you will see that loads have been written, so why does the world need another one? Well, maybe it doesn't, but I couldn't find one that fitted what I wanted to achieve with a website I maintain ([3]), so I thought I would write one myself.

So here are some of the features that I tried to build in:

See also Full List Of Features, Is Monkey Wiki For Me and To Do List


Feel free to add to or edit this wiki. If you just want to test it out, go to the Sand Box. If you like what you see, you can Download It - it's free.

Last modified: Sun May 18 08:36:02 2014

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