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I am first and foremost a designer and maker of furniture, not software. I run a small business called Waywood ([1]).

I have been tinkering about at a pretty basic level with programming ever since my days at school, when I remember using a language called JEAN (which few people I meet seem to remember). I make no great claims here - these were a few lines saved on punch cards which just 'did something' - all terribly exciting at the time, but I have no idea now what they did!

In recent years I have written a couple of ludicrously over-elaborate database applications for my own use and/or amusement, and have become very enthused by (but by no means expert at) Python.

As a furniture-maker, I sometimes come across amateur-made pieces that are annoyingly good! Clearly there is talent involved, but also huge numbers of hours that would be totally uneconomic for us (hence the envy). As an amateur programmer it would be great if I have pulled off something similar in a very small way with Monkey Wiki - perhaps the equivalent of a small jewellery box. (Certainly the silly hours have gone in!) If not - if you can see problems with what I have written, or have improvements to suggest - don't hold back, I would love to hear. Either contribute here or contact me at

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